My name is Javi Lopez CEO of Green Monkey Technologies started in Oct 2010. I have worked in the computer industry for 15 years.  As technology has evolved I have kept up with today’s needs. With my knowledge I will provide the best support at the comfort of your office or home. We are small business and looking to grow with new long lasting relationships.

Here are what Services we can provide for you.

  • Web Domain registering  and managed hosting.
    • Email Hosting and management.
    • Domain management
  • Custom Built Home Theater PC
    •  Personal Media Streaming to all Streaming and mobile devices.
    •  Home DVR  Plex PCs.
    •  Media Server Setup and Demonstrations
    •  Train how to use with mobile devices when traveling.
    • Harmony Hub Home system integration.
  • Onsite support and upgrades.
    • Memory upgrade
    • Graphics Card add on
    • Part replacement
    • Software support
    • Virus Removal
  • Network Setup and  Installation for Small Business Offices and Apartments.
    • Lan Network , File Storage and Security setup
    • Lan and wifi
    • Media and File Server
    • Audio and Video
    • Video Surveillance Security System
  • Wireless Network setup
    • Secure home network Management.
    • Child protection internet filtering
    • Access  to Internet scheduling
  • Creating a Local and Cloud Backup Storage system.
    • Security camera management deployment.
    • NAS= “Network Attached Storage” Storage system then backups to the cloud,



Javier L Lopez

Green Monkey Technologies

CEO : Javier L Lopez

Email: sales@greenmonkeytech.tv

Cell: (801)413-7678