My name is Javier L Lopez CEO of Green Monkey Technologies started in Oct 2010. I have worked in the computer industry for 15 years. First  selling machines and selling software from 1995 -2001. Then  2000-2001  I provided Junior IT support for brokerage firm in SF California that ended due to 911. On my free time I supported  a cater dept in a hotel maintaining there hardware issues as well as hosting there email service. During 2002- 2004 I work for online  banking and customer service for Bank of America’s online and customer center office. Next from 2004 – 2010 I work for local company selling and repairing machines and well as well going to customer’s household or office for onsite repair or upgrades. With my knowledge I will provide the best support at the comfort of your office or home. We are small business and looking to grow with new long lasting relationships.


Javier L Lopez

Green Monkey Technologies

CEO : Javier L Lopez

Email: greenmonkeytech@gmail.com

Cell: (801)413-7678